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If you feel like you’ve worn out your welcome with the ”beginner” web hosting option, Mr. Free Web Host, and you’re getting tired of the crowded quarters in the domain of Mr. Shared Web Host, you may be ready for your own private corner of the World (Wide Web).
Maybe a private island? Or, if your budget doesn’t allow for a private island, how about a virtual private island? There is a web hosting option that gives you privacy and control without an astronomical price tag: VPS – or, Virtual Private Server.

If we break it down to basics, a “virtual server” is just like the server your web host uses locally – it’s just located somewhere else. Data is stored on your virtual server in the form of a virtual machine (VM), and this VM works just like the server you have in your office building.
So, what’s the difference – other than the location? And more importantly, where’s the benefit?

Here’s the first benefit: No maintenance! Like a good host, Mr. VPS takes care of all that. The second benefit is flexibility. Each virtual server can be separated into several virtual machines, which operate independently, maintaining your security and privacy.
Scalability is the third benefit. If you need to manage multiple web sites, you can easily do so on a virtual private server. You have access to a greater amount of space and bandwidth compared to a shared server, as well as to multiple VMs, if you want to manage each site using a different operating system or give each one different permissions.
Cost-wise, virtual private servers land somewhere between the less expensive shared hosting and the pricier dedicated server hosting. You get a lot of value for your money with VPS. In addition, virtual private servers allow you the option to recoup some of your investment through what is known as Reseller VPS hosting.
In Reseller VPS Hosting, you can buy a portion of the server and gain the ability to host multiple web sites, usually through a hosting control panel like Plesk or cPanel, and a billing platform like Plesk Billing or WHMCS. You can then subdivide your VPS account into multiple shared web hosting accounts, and sell these to the public.

And the icing on the cake is that maintenance of the server is still the responsibility of the VPS hosting provider, not you. So in a sense, among gracious web hosts, Mr. Reseller is that uncouth cousin, the landlord. Or perhaps he’s the sly businessman of the bunch. VPS hosting is an option that’s been around for a while. It may not be as exciting as that new all-inclusive resort host known as Mr. Cloud, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still a perfectly viable option. Small to medium-sized companies can run large and complicated websites using VPS hosting, while keeping costs down and maintaining a lot of control. So give Mr. VPS Host a call. He’s been keeping a cozy chair by the fire vacant just for you. He’ll take care of the maintenance, while allowing you to make all the decisions. What’s not to like about a host like that?

I secured all my data with cloud backup from Cloudfinder

CloudfinderI'm one of the lucky ones – I make a living doing something I love. I'm a painter. Not the oil-on-canvas, Picasso kind of painter. The walls, ceilings, cabinets, and furniture kind of painter. I get to come into my customers' homes and help make their decorating dreams come true.

Over the past 15 years, I've built a solid business, and along the way, I've incorporated new technology. Though nothing can replace face-to-face interaction in my line of work, I'm now supplementing and enhancing my client communications using the internet.

Recently, I secured all my data with cloud backup from Cloudfinder. I used to have nightmares about my computer crashing and all my estimates, invoices, and portfolio photos being irretrievably lost. Now, I know that all my online actions are backed up in the most secure way possible, and furthermore, I have easy access to all my data.
All conveniently packaged for me by Cloudfinder.

Just the other day, I got an email from a potential customer who first contacted me over a year ago. She was finally ready to commit to the project, but she'd changed her plan slightly and asked if I would provide her with a new estimate… she had lost my original estimate when her computer came down with a virus.

Now – I'm not saying she was lying. But doubtless she was hoping to roll the dice with me and coming up with a number that was more in her favor.
Thanks to Cloudfinder, all I had to do was look up the email which contained my original estimate, and get reacquainted with the numbers. Cloudfinder really has my back!

Another way my business is benefiting from technology is through photo sharing. I can keep in touch with clients by sending them photos of a piece of furniture in progress, and my clients frequently send me inspiration pictures to work from.

And I always take before-and-after pictures. Cloudfinder makes sure they're all safe, and I will be able to access them today, as well as years from now.

These days, when I have nightmares, at least they're not about computers crashing.

Online backup services are awesome, love it!

Monday, Monday, so good to me, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba da… Monday, Monday, it was all I hoped it would be-ee-ee…. In an ideal world that is. Mondays are normally terrible and this one hasn’t been an exception. When I got in to work today (on time!!) I found my boss in a foul mood to say the least. Imagine, it’s 8 in the morning, it’s raining and still dark outside and what do you find in the kitchen? Someone who would have got a gold medal if door slamming and cabinet banging were Olympic sports. NOT my ideal way of starting the week.

Then I again, I do understand him, he’d arrived an hour early to get rid of some work, only to find that someone had hacked his Gmail and he couldn’t access his mail account at all. Since I was the first in (and considered a Jack of all trades anyways), I got assigned to fix it. Thank you…  So, that has basically been my morning, trying to access my boss’s Gmail, without any luck.

What I have done though, is signing up for a free 30-day trial with Cloudfinder. Anyone who’s heard of it? It’s a Swedish company that provides online backup services for Google Apps like we use (and Salesforce and Office for that matter) and from what I’ve read on their webpage they seem really good.

High security using military encryption (sweet!) and easy-peasy, goof-proof interface that everyone can handle. Not that I want to be responsible for computer safety at work, but I think it’s about time we start doing something. I mean, as a company you have to have some sort of protection, don’t you? (even I have some level of professional standards, ha ha!) Either way, it will be worth the hassle just to be able to get in and grab a cup of coffee in silence without having someone swearing like a sailor next to you. I can deal with that in the afternoon, but not in the morning. And especially not a Monday morning.

Online backup services with Cloudfinder.

CloudfinderIf you look at its population, Sweden is a fairly small country with only 9 million people. Maybe that’s why I’ve always been amazed by the quantity of great brands that call this cold little place home; IKEA, Sony Ericsson, Volvo, Saab, H&M, Hasselblad – the lists goes on and on. And now it looks like the Swedes have done it again. In Malmoe, a city in the southernmost part of the country, you find the brains behind Cloudfinder; a company that has quickly become an international frontrunner in cloud backup services and data management.

What makes their product so great is the combination of high security and an exceptionally user-friendly interface. The result is an extremely reliable backup service that even your grandma would understand. For starters, there is no delete option so it is impossible to accidentally erase critical files. In addition, their search and filtering tools allow users to find and restore data from multiple sources (Salesforce, Office 365, Google Apps etc.) using one search alone – something that makes Cloudfinder’s product absolutely unique.

Hence, it is little wonder that this Swedish company is growing by the day and so far they have signed three reseller agreements with other grand players in the cloud. First, with another Swedish company called Avalon Innovation, and then with Spain’s biggest Google Apps reseller; Intelligence Partner. Some months ago they also joined a reseller agreement with Gulf Infotech, a cloud solution provider on the Middle East market, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they show up on the American market as well as the Asian one within this very year. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: long live the Swedes!

Cloudfinder is a must!

CloudfinderSo I’m back after three frantic but fantastic days packed with seminars and workshops. This year’s event proved to be even better than last year’s and I can’t believe the amount of input I’ve got in only three days. The main issues discussed were Smart Communities, Cloud and Data Security, Small Businesses and Big Data and obviously my personal favourite and the reason why I went; Health and Care Technologies. New for this year was the matchmaking area, where you could dip in and out of mini- meetings with suppliers and collaborators as well as potential clients. I for one really took to this form of fast-paced networking which turned out to be a great opportunity to meet professionals from some of the largest and fastest growing companies.

The majority of the keynote sessions were great, even if I was slightly disappointed that there weren’t more international speakers invited. However, the chit-chat over lunch (which was splendid by the way, my hat off to the staff) made up for the lack of international experts and the last three days I’ve been dining with Italians, Japanese people and Russians to mention a few.

As for now, I’m back at the office and reading up on the online backup system that has been installed when I was away. After careful consideration we have decided to move over to the Cloud and ended up picking Cloudfinder, a Swedish company based in the small city of Malmoe.

We left the actual choosing to Paidraig and Steven in the end, but I want to know how it works too before the seminar tomorrow and so far it looks like the Swedes know what they are talking about. Nice interface and user-friendly approach and according to Steven security is first-rate too so let’s hope for the best. Tonight after work we are finally celebrating Sara’s birthday ( two weeks too late) and after the weekend I’m off to Brussels for a yet another fair. Life is good!

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